Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tired... but a winner, by golly!

For the few friends who still drop by here (where has everyone gone?), I've been really busy the last couple of weeks, and haven't had the energy to post much of anything. Hopefully I'll come around soon.

Now for the good news! I posted a couple of weeks ago about the fiction contest over at The Moon Topples. Well, yours truly won second place in the "jury" category! I'll post my story here sometime next week, but in the meantime why don't you click here (scroll down a bit) and check out all of the great stories (including my own not-so-great one)?


  1. OK, I'm here too. Sorry for the absence, but work has been piling up my head.

    Congratulations for your award. Hope one day you tell me how to register so we can compete. Of course, I know I'd lose, but I'd like to try, anyway.

    Look forward to hearing from you again, pal!

  2. Glenn,
    Er, have a beer and relax? ;-)

    Usual Stuff,
    Details were in the links that I posted, but if you like, next time I'll send you a note to remind you and give you help with the contest details.

  3. Awesome work mate! Now I just have to find some time to read through the stories...

  4. Hi,
    Congrats!!! I can't wait to read your story! Which one is yours?

  5. Mr. Angry,
    Thanks! I encourage you to read through them but, as I said, I'll post mine here next week.

    Hi! Click the link and scroll down. Mine's #17 (it also has my screen name, "Kyklops").

  6. I just read the story. Nice. Good pacing, too.

  7. DUH! Sorry I feel dumb. Shouldda clicked first :p I love it! I thought it would just go downhill, the last scene captured my heart...awwwww....

  8. Glenn, thanks! Glad you liked the "pacing". ;-)

    Maliha, I'm glad you liked the story. To be honest, I worried that it was too "sappy", but it seems to have struck a chord with a few readers, at least, so I'm happy about that...

  9. No, not sappy. Sometimes happy endings happen, and we can grow up.

  10. Awesome! Would you do that for me? I never have the chance to look at the links 'cause I'm ditching work, so I try no one to notice.

    You're great!

  11. No problem, Usual Stuff, happy to oblige!