Sunday, May 06, 2007

"It'd Be Better for Me if You Don't Understand..."

Sometimes I get homesick. I'm homesick. The Tragically Hip will help me through these troubling times. You think you know Canadians? Heh...
Morning broke out the backside of a truck-stop
End of a line a real, rainbow-likening luck stop,
Where you could say I became chronologically "fucked up"
Put ten bucks in just to get the tank topped off
Then I found a place it's dark and it's rotted
It's a cool, sweet kinda place where the copters won't spot it
And I destroyed the map, I even thought I forgot it, however,
Everyday I'm dumping the body
It'd be better for us if you don't understand
Even better for me if you don't understand
Let me out...

--The Tragically Hip, "Locked in the Trunk of a Car"

Please enjoy the Tragically Hip performing live...

Now think again about Canada and have a beer!


  1. I can imagine how difficult it is to live somewhere different. I hope you can travel home soon.

  2. Actually, Usual Stuff, it's not so bad. Chatting online with friends from home while having a few beers can sometimes get me a bit teary-eyed, though...