Thursday, May 03, 2007

Friday Skiving Off Work Videos: Special Thursday Edition: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

I won't be anywhere near a computer for the next couple of days, so here's a special Thursday version of our regular Friday videos.

I mentioned Nick Cave last week, so here are a couple of excellent songs for anyone who's curious. The first song, "Nature Boy", is a favorite of mine--great music and wonderful lyrics. I don't usually bother much with song lyrics, but anyone who can rhyme "hysteria" with "wisteria" is OK in my books:

I was walking around the flower show like a leper
Coming down with some kind of nervous hysteria
When I saw you standing there, green eyes, black hair
Up against the pink and purple wisteria
You said, hey, nature boy, are you looking at me
With some unrighteous intention?
My knees went weak,
I couldn't speak, I was having thoughts
That were not in my best interests to mention

Check it out and enjoy, it really is an excellent tune!

And here's a pretty good live version of the song I mentioned last week, "There She Goes, My Beautiful World":

Now buy the album on your way home from work and then have a beer!

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  1. Wow, it took a while to catch up, but I did it! Hope you enjoy your "disconnected" days better than I.