Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sin's a Good Man's Brother

A couple of evenings ago I sat through Law Abiding Citizen. I suppose someone looking for something nice to say about this movie might remark that it highlights some contradictions in our notion(s) of "justice." Really, though, it was a pretty crappy movie, not least because the plot was so mind-bogglingly stupid and the characters couldn't seem to decide if they were "good" or "bad" guys, or "good" bad guys, or "bad" good guys, or whatever the fuck.

I was just about to chalk this one up as a couple of hours lost forever in the maelstrom of time, sucked into the vortex of wasted hours, plunged forever into the abyss of stupid things, hurled into the mists of infinite meaninglessness--well, you get the drift--when suddenly the closing credits started to roll by and, behold, a redeeming bit of content presented itself in the form of this classic Grand Funk Railroad tune:


Graffiti in the "Green Room" at Big Box

Anyway... Last Saturday we did a 15-minute set at a kyabakura (hostess club) called "Big Box." Being a foreign, married, English-teacher type of guy, I haven't had much occasion to frequent these types of places--they tend to be expensive, and I find the whole scene a bit contrived and dull. (Yeah, before I was married and was still working eikaiwa I went to a couple of rather posh hostess clubs with a student of mine. He was a doctor and it was on the dime of some pharmaceutical giant or another. It was an experience, part of my ongoing education, if you will. But I wouldn't spend my own money at one of these places.)

I've known about Big Box since arriving here about 12 years ago. They used to bring in women from foreign (mostly former Eastern Bloc countries) as exotic dancers. I honestly have no idea what kind of show these women would put on, who the customers were, anything like that. I'd never set foot in the place until last week. I remember sometimes seeing some of these women walking around town during the day. Tall, (usually) blond, showing a bit more flesh than was/is normal in Miyazaki; they were impossible to miss. I used to wonder about them...

I'm not sure of the details, but I think some changes to Japan's immigration/work visa laws resulted in the end of the exotic white women at Big Box. I honestly know nothing about their experience in Japan/Miyazaki.

They left some clues...


Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Dead Flowers

In the "Green Room" at Big Box...

I'll have more on this as soon as my head stops pounding...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Rainy Season

Being from Nova Scotia, I'm no stranger to rain. Nothing could have prepared me back in 1998, though, for my first rainy season in Kyushu. On the first day it rained, I was quite impressed with the sheer volume of it. I mean, it poured as though the sky really had opened up. By around the second or third day, however, when there had been absolutely no let up in the rain at all, it started to wear on me.

Some years it's not so bad. Last year I don't think it actually rained at all during "rainy season."

This year? Well, it's starting to wear on me. And I don't know how much longer it will be before the dog snaps and starts shitting and pissing on the furniture out of spite. Just this morning I thought I detected an air of insolence about her. I wonder if it's safe to sleep...

Drain Pipe

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


More Proof That Hockey Is the Coolest Game on Earth

The Stanley Cup is the oldest, most storied, and most venerated trophy in North American sports. This year The Cup belongs to The Chicago Blackhawks, one of the Original Six. As befits the champion of a professional league, the city of Chicago held a huge parade to honor their team. An estimated 2 million fans showed up to hoist The Cup.

There will be another kind of parade in Chicago later this week--the Annual Chicago Pride Parade. The National Hockey League and The Chicago Blackhawks will be participating in this parade. Hawks player Brent Sopel and The Stanley Cup itself will be part of a float sponsored by the Chicago Gay Hockey Association.

Now, how fucking cool is that?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


A Quick Note

I've been neglecting this blog a bit lately, and haven't been dropping in to visit friends' blogs much either. Sorry if I seem a bit anti-social; well, more anti-social than usual. Things are a bit busy at work and in the "real world" in general, and at the end of the day I'm simply too brain-dead to do more than passively catch up on my favorite TV shows and watch some movies that I haven't seen yet. It won't last forever...

Friday, June 18, 2010

The World Cup of Kyklops

In honor of The World Cup, I've started a new page. You'll feel like you're a part of the action without leaving the comfort of your home/work station!

Please visit and enjoy The World Cup of Kyklops!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Well, yesterday actually...

"Not for kids or pregnant women..."

I laughed and laughed until I cried through the entire 8 minutes of this instantly classic video of a Korean teacher explaining to students how to use English swear words.

The subs are a bit quick, but that will not impede your enjoyment of this in any way.


Friday, June 11, 2010


This Week in Murder

I've shot squirrels I've felt worse about...
--Some anonymous scumbag who volunteers to serve on firing squads
It's no secret that I'm firmly against the death penalty. But really, death penalty proponents, is this the kind of asshole you want meting out "justice"? For fuck's sake, volunteering to kill someone in cold blood should almost serve as its own default disqualification. This is fucked. The system behind it is fucked. Anyone who supports it is fucked (and fucking stupid, to boot).

I Sometimes Sneak Out Here for a Smoke

Friday, June 04, 2010

Side of a Mountain

Gemma Ray

If there is any justice in the universe at all, Gemma Ray is going to be a majorly big star someday. Witness:

Now check this out:

There's more!

Heard for the first time yesterday. There's music there. Real fuckin' music. (Well, OK, maybe I'm a bit smitten. But let me tell you this: I was not/have never been smitten by Britney, Lady Gaga, etc. because their music SUCKS... Umm, well, you know what I mean...)

Wet (2)