Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sunsets, Mountains, Palm Trees, and a Dork with a Camera

Bleh. I'm too tired to write anything, but I'm becoming addicted to posting stuff on my blog. What to do? Hmm... I know! How about some random photos. Yeah, let's ponder the randomness of the universe, ponder the imponderable, as it were...

A sunset from the back balcony of my condo.

A different sunset, as viewed from the back balcony of my condo.

A river and some mountains, as seen from the back balcony..., heh, just kidding...

Some more mountains.

Two palm trees in front of some kind of fitness centre. Look closely enough and art will emerge... (again, I'm just kidding...).

I'm fairly certain (and I think you'll agree) that this is a dork with a camera. Have I ever mentioned that it's not easy being me?


  1. Wow. I certainly envy you. You've got great views from your balcony. The last time I had something similar I was living in a 16-storie tower without fire escapes.
    I think self-portraits are a good exercise. You look particularly good in that pic.
    Or maybe it is just the fact that I'm worn out and my brain about to die.
    What do you think? =D

  2. Usual Stuff, flattery will get you everywhere! (Actually, you're probably just tired...!)

  3. Funny thing is, I never flatter. I just get to see the bright side on every truth. And I guess the effect increases when I'm about to say hello to my keyboard Japanese style. (A deep bow and my forehead on the keys). =D