Thursday, May 31, 2007

Classroom AIDS

Aside from some occasional, generally un-focused griping about my students' English ability (or lack thereof), I usually try to avoid making fun of them outright. You'll have to take my word for it that the following is in no way meant to ridicule my students (really, I'm serious). It is kinda funny, though...

In an essay entitled "Watch Out for AIDS!", one of my students has informed me that, aside from the "usual precautions" one should take to avoid becoming infected with AIDS, we should "[...] also avoid having sex with the general public".

Well damn, there goes my weekend...


  1. "Well damn, there goes my weekend..." Mine, too. Who the hell is left?

  2. Well, Glenn, modesty prevents me from stating the obvious...[!] ;-)

  3. My dear, there's no way you can ridicule your Ss. They're pretty good at it themselves!!
    Here goes the grace shot, taken from my personal experience:
    (Level 1 class: "Professions")
    T: What profession is your father?
    S: He's a rapist.
    T(Stunned): A rapist? -Ejem- What are some of his activities?
    S: Help people who can't walk or move.
    T (restraining laughter): Oh, I get it... He's a therapist!