Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Some more photos today. (I'm swamped reading the atrocious English of my students, and can't seem to shake the feeling that, somehow, they've "infected" me. I have no will, no strength, to write anything. Weird...)

Anyway, the photos below were taken on the same day as the ones in my previous post. Although it's completely unintentional, I suppose these shots, all of "rocks", give some balance to the "clouds" of the previous post.

The four shots immediately below were taken at a park in Kitago, south of Miyazaki city (click to enlarge).

The following shots were taken in Aoshima, and feature an interesting geological formation known locally as "the Devil's Washboard" (Oni no Sentakuita).


  1. The former set of pics looks remarkably like the mountains near where my folks live in Italy; the geologically-minded amongst us will probably tell me that Liguria and Japan were near-neighbours in the Plasticene Era (or something).

  2. Greetings, Shit,
    If I'm not mistaken, Italy (like Japan) has a few volcanoes and experiences earthquakes, so there could well be some geological similarities (but I'm hardly an expert on the topic).
    I think I was alive during the Plasticene era...

  3. Well, your spirit must've been a bit down here. I like the pics of the beach. I already knew that "Oni" means devil, thanks to "Uruzei Yatsura". Maybe your students have been possesed by a mischevious "Oni" who is making them stupid. That happens to mine. =D

  4. Peace K,
    I love your pics...sorry about the students; sometimes though inspiration just goes up and down and you just have to go with the flow.

    this made me smile "greetings, shit" :)

  5. Usual Stuff,
    actually I had a bad hangover when I took the first four pics! It's not so much that my students are "stupid", just a bit lazy...

    glad you liked the pics.
    I gripe about my students, but it's really just that--"griping about work" (great Canadian past-time).
    My biggest problem these days is I'm too busy too be "inspired"! It'll pass, I hope!

  6. Ja, ja. Ok, so it's a global trend. Mine would be pretty brilliant... if they just did hwks!!
    If drinking that much helps to get those pics, would you have another one for me?