Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Seoul Survivor

It's hard to believe (but believe it you must!) that I spent the weekend in Seoul and took a total of six pictures. That's right, six pictures, and pretty crappy ones at that. I took three shots from the window of my hotel room and three shots out on the street just outside my hotel (click to enlarge).

Apparently Seoul has a population of about 10 million, and it is the second largest metropolitan area (23 million) in the world, behind only Tokyo. I've been in the two largest cities in the world! Have you?

Actually, although my hotel was pretty much exactly in the center of Seoul, these shots don't really give you any sense of just how big the place is.

There's some kind of old castle in the foreground of this shot.

Not far from my hotel there is a large wall-like structure with a big mural "painted" on it.

As you approach it, however...

... it becomes clear that the "mural" is actually a mosaic, made up of thousands of photographs.

It's not too late to get Phoctober!


  1. Greetings, I'm over here from Moon Topples (admittedly a short trip). I dig the mural/mosaic and like how you got closer and closer for the detail. I've got you beat on six pictures in a weekend. I spent three months in Europe and took one roll (24 pictures) during my time there. I've fortunately stopped kicking myself at this point.

  2. Sorry to differ, but I think that Mexico City still bears the title of the largest urban area on Earth's face. Feel free to correct me if I am mistaken, though. But if you really wanna feel what dwelling in a BIG city is like, come and visit us.

    As I said before, your trip must've been a productive one. Only 6 pics? You had a lot of work.

    The mural is absolutely amazing. I had seen similar art works before, but this one really blows the scale!

  3. Crazy cool mural, I have only seen that done with puzzles. (and we can never manage to put that kind together). I am afraid my interest dwells in that couple, in front of the mural, "what are they talking about?". Looks intense from here.

    Nothing crappy about your Seoul, I greatly enjoyed the pics, the contrast with the white high rises, the green trees and mountains, and the ancient castle, really visually interesting.

  4. My camera is somewhere in a box, right where I can't get to it.

  5. That mural is amazing - totally cool - love the way you "revealed" it! So tell me, if you only took six shots what on earth were you doing for the rest of the time? Or shouldn't I ask...

  6. Oh the mural is cooool. I liked it very much. Also having lived in Mexico city I think I'd have to agree with the right stuff there. There were a lot of official numbers and then if you go into the unofficial numbers! Woo! And sometimes Paris feels like there are tens of millions of people around! There aren't... just feels like it.

  7. Matthew,
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Yes, best not to beat yourself up too much. I was just too busy, or in transit, or I was out at night (I don't usually take a camera when I'm out on the town!).

    Usual Stuff,
    I was just going by Wikipedia, but I think Tokyo is numero uno these days. The problem seems to be on what area is being measured...
    It's not that I had so much work, just not much time to wander around...

    Glad you liked the pics. The couple in the pic were taking pics themselves. I kept waiting for them to get out of my shot, and finally just went for it. I'm sure they were nice, though...

    Long time no see... I've been reading about your recent wanderings, etc. Get that camera out!

    Well, excluding the 5-10 minutes I spent taking pictures I was eating and sleeping, on the subway or taxi or airplane, watching presentations, giving my own presentation and, one night, sneaking out by myself to get blotto and meet weird Koreans and foreigners, stumbling around downtown Seoul at all hours of the night, and generally having fun. At least that's kinda how I remember it...

  8. Verilion,
    Hey, how'd you sneak in there?
    Heh, I don't want to get into any arguments or anything! Let me just say this: in my experience, Asians are pretty good at counting stuff...