Monday, October 29, 2007

Random Shots

Ouch... Back to work after a busy weekend in Seoul. Feeling weak, can't talk...

Some random shots (click to enlarge):

"Say cheese!"

One of the lesser-known Japanese monsters is Snakezilla... or, whatever...

Some, er, funny rocks arranged funnily...

A bridge; it looks old...

A tree, a burial mound, and a couple of people...

Hey, is it still Phoctober?


  1. Those funny rocks look like the goblins have been playing chess again!

    Yeah, I think it's still phoctober... It is, isn't it? Is it? I'm thinking I might just keep going and do Novegraphy...

  2. AV,
    Novegraphy? But I can't use that in any rude, innuendo-ish way!

  3. Alright then, best you come up with a your own saucy title for November Photography! ;-)

  4. What will I do with all the left over photos in November, tis true. Hey Kyklops are those there people special people? It looks like a pretty special tree.

  5. Every time I get to see your daughter, I think about what a lovely teenager she's going to be.

    Those funny rocks look like little smurfs gathering at their main square, with a lot of imagination.

    Looks like your trip was productive and successful, given the little time you were left.

  6. Snakezilla! (not whatever).

    First photo very cute.
    Lovely shots all around.
    Funny rocks most interesting (any reason why they are like that?).
    Is the burial mound very old? I am curious because I have read that most (all?) people in Japan are cremated.

  7. AV,
    November seems particularly unsuited to my nefarious linguistic goals...

    My daughter is the one "taking a picture" and (later) climbing a tree. My wife is sitting under the tree; obviously the "thinker" of the family!

    Usual Stuff,
    I've developed a special chemical that will prevent my daughter from aging beyond the age of 10. It may seem drastic, but at least she'll be allowed out of the house...

    The pic of the rocks was taken at the entrance to a Shinto shrine, which itself is located inside a cave (the cave is located in a rather steep gorge--I took a lot of pics, but the lighting was really bad). There are rocks stacked like that all over the place there. I think it's done for good luck.
    That particular mound was probably constructed around 1500 years ago, give or take. And yes, these days pretty much everyone is cremated in Japan (when they die, of course).

  8. Thank you for the info Kyklops. And yes of course, I did mean, after they die, I should have specified.

    If you wonder why the questions, I have a project (story) I have been working on that takes place in Japan. Horrible idea, I know, (what do I know about Japan? Not much, despite attempts at research, not much) but I have spent years trying to move it to somewhere else, and it refuses to budge. Insists on staying there. So there is nothing for me to do, but write it, where it is, though I know I will make so many mistakes and miss important nuances, and...and....
    So Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

  9. Taffiny,
    I'm happy to help. Although I certainly appreciate the comments on my posts, it's perfectly OK if you want to email me (via profile) some questions.
    Oh, the "cremation" line was just my sense of humor (it wasn't meant as a "dig")--I knew perfectly well what you meant!

  10. What a great this funny place I like this tree is very green .