Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Berlin Wall... in Truro, Nova Scotia

I almost forgot about these...

I was a bit surprised on my recent trip back to Canada when, strolling down the main street of Truro, I came across a few sections of what used to be the Berlin Wall... (Click to enlarge.)

There's a definite connection to "fall" here, so let's Phoctober these ones! Huh? Oh... that "fall"...


  1. I think a similar photo was published by National Geographic a couple of years ago.
    Would you happen to know how those chunks ended up in Truro?

  2. Usual Stuff,
    There's a link with info in the post...

  3. That's a teensy bit weird... I'm not surprised that people want to see them moved - but that said, they serve as a strong reminder of humanity's insanity, so...
    Fall? You mean autumn!

  4. OOOPS!! (blush) Sorry. I tend to oversee those links 'cause I'm not familiar with them.
    Would you be so kind as to let me know how you do that?
    PS: I'm checking the link this instant.

  5. Hi Kyklops - what an extraordinary sight. I used to live not far from the Wall, in a German village.

  6. AV,
    I don't think the people mind them being there so much, it's just that they've been kinda "parachuted" in to a downtown building lot without much in the way of planning, rationale, etc.
    Personally, I like the idea of chunks of the Berlin Wall inexplicably showing up in places. But that's just me...

    Usual Stuff,
    No problems. Go here and practice embedding links into your text. The address of the page you want to link to goes in between the quotation marks ("http://etc...")...

  7. Signs,
    Hi there yourself! Yes, I can imagine that more than a few German tourists have been a bit startled to come across these chunks of concrete!

  8. OOOoohh! Thank you very much! You are so generous and lovely!
    I'll practice a lot!

  9. Hi,

    I am the owner of the Berlin Wall pieces in Truro. I've owned them for the last ten years and will be moving two of these sections on Oct. 26th 2009 to Saint Mary's University in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada for the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Wall. My name is Martin Young and confirmation of my ownership of these pieces can be
    found at the Town of Truro Nova Scotia's website.

    1. Where are you? Get a hold of me write me back. This is Thomas Lynch from eaglewood

  10. You contact me @