Thursday, October 25, 2007

Vending Machines, No. 3

Please accept my apologies for being very slow responding to comments and not visiting anyone else's blog this week. I'm going to a conference in Korea tomorrow and I've been really busy getting my shit together.

I'll be back next week, but in the meantime, a couple more vending machines (click to enlarge):


  1. I'm beginning to think they're alien invaders. Are you sure they're not. Perhaps there are strange little creatures inside them. Best beware... *shiver*

    Great shots, Kyklops! ;-)

  2. I want to get closer, can we have one, pretty please, closer shot? I want to see what is inside them!

    Orderly rows of things packaged to be enticing.

  3. I know you are away, but when you get back I would greatly appreciate it, if you could answer a Japan question for me, I just need to know the name of a food product commonly bought in glass or plastic jars with lids? (Japan equivalent of a common condiment, like in America, Hellman's mayonnaise jar.) I imagine it would be pickeled something or other.

  4. I notice one of them (in the top picture) sells Jack. None of the machines around here sell Jack.

  5. AV,
    I don't know about aliens, but I've had suspicions for a long time that behind all things in Japan are huge teams of gerbils on exercise wheels...

    Good idea, I'll see what I can do!

    About your request: it sounds like you need the name of *any* prodeuct in a jar with a lid (as opposed to some specific one. In fact, a quick glance in my fridge shows me there aren't many (except for products made in the west). Here's one: Kewpie mustard.
    Hope that helps!

    Yes, but it's not a common brand. In fact I'm always complaining to my wife that I can't find Jack when I want it.