Friday, October 12, 2007

Introducing... Sakura-chan!

The newest member of my family. I'm smitten...

I apologize for the complete (but momentary) collapse of "cool"...


  1. I didn't know you were British royalty.

  2. Aw!!! You got a puppy, you got a puppy! Can I come and play?! That is just too cute for words. And look at those ears - that's a lot of growing into to do! Enjoy the new addition to the family! I bet your daughter is over the moon! ;-)

  3. PS you've been awarded a "smile" over at my place :-)

  4. Glenn,
    Yeah, I know...

    Huh? I think there's a gag there, but it went over my head!

  5. AV,
    Yes, my daughter is very happy with her new friend.
    And thanks for the smile!

  6. OMG he is just too cute. And I see you've already introduced him to the shoes so he knows where to crap when you guys are out. ; )

  7. Yes, it's non-stop poop and pee. After only 3 days, though, she manages to hit the newspaper about 50% of the time. Pretty impressive (and a hell of a lot better than my daughter was at the same age!).

  8. I think there's a gag there, but it went over my head!

    Isn't your puppy a Corgi?

    If so ...

  9. Brendan,
    Aha!! I think I knew that but didn't connect the dots. Yes, she's a Welsh Corgi.

  10. I knew it! I knew it! Thanks to Brendan for asking my question.
    How old is she?
    What does Sakura mean?
    (I've heard it's something like cherry-tree blossom or so)
    Why did you name her that?
    Where did you get her?
    Has she already tried to jump onto your bed to sleep with you?
    What has she bitten by now?

    Welcome to the fun of house-breaking a puppy that will eat your books and provide you and your family with inconditional love. =D

  11. Usual Stuff,
    She's about 4 months old. Sakura means cherry blossom, and she was named by my daughter (I guess because cherry blossoms are pretty).
    We'd planned to get a dog from a shelter, but our condo has a strict rule about how big the dog can be and with the shelter animals we couldn't be sure of breed (and size, etc.). We bought Sakura from a local kennel--for some reason Corgis are a lot cheaper here than other pure breeds...

  12. Awwww! So Sakura is just at the right age to start teaching her what her fangs cannot touch.

    Funny that Corgis are cheaper. Here they are stupidly expensive, taking into account most puppies are imported.

    I do love her ears. Make her look foxy.

    And thanks for satisfying my curiosity.