Friday, October 19, 2007

Vending Machines, No. 1

What started out as an idle threat a week or two ago has, at the goading of a couple of readers (you know who you are), become a reality. This post marks the launch of an exciting new photographic series on this humble blog. Yes, that's right, it's the first post in my "Vending Machines" series.

Now, some may see this and say to themselves, "So what? Who gives a shit about a blog with pictures of Japanese vending machines? Besides, it's probably been done before... and better!" Ha ha ha!! You're probably right. Now go away...

After this initial post, I will not generally be making any comments at all in this series. No, I will let the "magic" of the photos themselves do the talking (except, perhaps, in unusual situations). In fact, "no information at all" would be a good description of the goals of this series (and of my personal outlook on life)...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Vending Machines, No. 1 (click to enlarge):

[UPDATE: Taffiny thinks this one should be titled "Buddies". Works for me...]

It's about now that vending machines in Japan begin stocking hot drinks, making this a very Phoctober post...


  1. I wish Mexico City's government took up on this idea of vending machines everywhere. They look cool and would solve the street-vendors problem. Only problem would be to fit "tortas" (a sort of Mexican sandwich) into them.
    They even look cute!

  2. And no roving gangs of bad ninjas break into these things? Wow.

  3. I like the name "buddies" for shot 1.
    But then you aren't asking us for photo name suggestions. How about the vending machines themselves, can we name them?

    It is amazing all the stuff they are planning on stuffing into vending machines in the future (I saw some TV show about it).

  4. Usual Stuff,
    I'm probably going to focus mainly on the soft drink machines, but I've seen some weird ones: rice, porn videos, french fries, etc...

    Believe it or not, that's basically right. What makes it even more fantastic is that the machines accept paper money (1000 yen notes, about the same as a 10 spot), and some of them sell booze!!

    While I have no plans to name photos or machines, readers are welcome to offer suggestions!
    I look forward to the day when I can get money from a vending machine... hey, wait a minute...

  5. I had no idea you were such a mover and shaker. This is on the front page of the NY Times's site at this moment,

  6. LOL - love this. I walked past a couple of vending machines last weekend (they are not prolific here - well nowhere around me, anyway) and immediately thought of you and wondered when you might start this wonderful, evocative, entrancing, riveting, trendy, out there series ;-)
    Me? Over the top? Never!

    PS You didn't perhaps see the little imp who lives inside the machine who has to make all those drinks and sweets did you? He's the guy you really want to get a shot of.

  7. If you can get a photo of one of these vending machines that sells used panties I would be very interested.
    If not, here is something I saw earlier.
    As a martial artist I always wanted to train in Japan but was warned that there were real cultural differences.

  8. Brendan,
    "Mover and shaker" is my middle name...!
    Thanks for the link. The story is one of those ones that seems goofy at first glance, but is actually kinda interesting.

    I hope I can live up to your expectations!
    The little guys who make the drinks actually come out of a vending machine themselves...

    As I think the Snopes article says, those vending machines did exist but were very rare. I think they've actually passed a law making it illegal to sell used underwear in an attempt to, er..., nip this in the bud...
    I've seen porn mag and video vending machines, but I don't think they're very common in most places...

  9. Well, vending machines are very dear to my heart.
    My father, in a 'many and varied' career path, had one job selling vending machines.
    In my childhood, we often had a 'spare' vending machine installed in the house.
    Paradise for a wee boy - I was taught how to use the 'free vend' switch - some 40 odd years ago.

    'Those were the days, my friend....'

  10. A vending machine in your house? Cooooll...

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