Thursday, November 01, 2007

Vending Machines, No. 4

You may have figured out that this series is not about to end any time soon... (Click to enlarge.)


  1. I do love the contrast between the modern vending machine and the traditional-looking house. It looks like an alien lost in our planet. The rythm in the second picture is truly amazing. They look like a husban and a wife about to ride their bikes with their little son trashcan!

  2. First one looks like he is holding the entire building up himself, or like he is being held in place (trapped there) by it.

    bottom two, "I am the red. Red is best!" "I am the blue. Blue is best!". I think they are very competitive and the one always thinks it is better than the other one (or says so loudly to the other one, but of course secretly worries that perhaps it is the other vending machine that is better than it). They boast of which one carries the coolest stuff, and the stuff most needed, and who can carry more merchandise, and argue about it, does it count by weight of items, or number of items?. And whenever someone approaches from across the street, they both haunch in anticipation, "Will that guy in the tan pants pick me?". And when someone walks down those stairs between them, they can hardly bare the wait, step by step, closer and closer, to see which way that person will turn so he/she can buy something out of them. A cringe when someone turns toward the other one, but then if they just walk right past it and don't buy anything, a relieved '"Ha ha". And they spend their time, their days, keeping track.

    Gee, I can't seem to help doing that. It is almost a problem, maybe I should scrap my other idea for NaNo and write about your vending machines instead. :) (which by the bye, I am supposed to be doing prep work for, right now)

    Oh, usual stuff posted while I was typing (and got my verification wrong). Much nicer lives in that story.

  3. Usual Stuff and Taffiny,
    Wow, with a few more viewers like you guys I could start some sort of comic book series with these pics! Let the readers write the plot lines/captions...
    Your comments are quite pleasing, because I *do* think there's a story unfolding in these pics...

  4. OOOOOhh! So tha'ts why sometimes I also get my verification wrong! I didn't know that one, Taffiny. Should I apologize?

    These pics. of yours really get to activate my schema, as they did with Taffi. I do think this particular way of arranging urban furniture somehow obeys to a superior aesthetic sense, don't you think?

    I wonder if the machines think about how good they will look at their final location.

  5. the usual stuff,

    I don't think that is it, that because you commented I didn't get to verify, I think the verification changes every couple of minutes, so if I don't write and post within a certain time frame, I have different letters in front of me than what the current ones are (at least that is my theory). But when I put the wrong letters in, the comment page reloaded and that is when I saw your comment.

    I wasn't at all clear was I? Oh well I can't do any better.

    I like the comic book vending machine idea. (of course)

  6. I think the vending machines are the proud owners of the businesses behind them, standing out on the sidewalk with their arms folded, watching people go by. A guy comes in and asks the man at the counter about the place for rent upstairs, and he say, "Talk to the vendng machine out front."

  7. C'mon, where're the close up shots so I can see what's inside those machines! I'm particularly keen to see the little guy who does all the dispensing and his mate, who pockets all the money.

  8. Thanks for saying I could email you some Japan questions. I hope you meant it, as sooner or later, I will no doubt do it.