Thursday, October 04, 2007


Root canal yesterday. I'll be going back twice a week for at least the next few weeks. My filthy mouth is fucked up... The horror... It's not that it hurts while the dentist is drilling, grinding, and filing (although it certainly isn't pleasant). No, what makes it like torture is the absolute certainty that it's going to hurt (and like a motherfucker) any second now...

Nothing to say. Please enjoy some crappy B&W photos I took while on my morning walk. Click to enlarge.

Maybe I'll be better tomorrow night after a few beers...


  1. These are not crappy pictures, asshole. Well, maybe a few. But the best ones have a visual rhythm that is hard to resist. You do good. Now take a pill and chill.

  2. The vending machines look as if they belonged to an alien planet, and the small cottage (if that's what it is) an universal image of decay.

    What I really meant on my last post was not "what were you waiting for", but what took you so long after feeling the pain to go to the dentist. At the first sign of pain, I even borrow money to pay a visit to my dentist.

    You see now? Those are the awfull consequences. Sorry it's gonna hurt like hell when anaesthesia wears out. ñaca, ñaca. (sinister laughter)

  3. Glenn,
    Heh, thanks for calling me an asshole! ;-) I guess I had it coming, with all my whining these days.
    I don't know if my pics are crappy or not, and I don't really worry about it. I'm just a bit pissy because my *writing* output has been very low for a while now...

    Usual Stuff,
    I went to the dentist as soon as the pain was too much for the painkillers. The biggest problem is finding the time to go ( who wants to go to the dentist on their day off?)...
    The "cottage" is actually an old man's "house" and it's located about 20 meters from my condo...

  4. Oh, k, when I called you an asshole, I was speaking tongue-in-cheek.

  5. I know, buddy. No probs! It may sound strange, but I don't mind being called an asshole by my friends. Sometimes I even deserve it. Sometimes so do they... ;-)

  6. Nice pics! I do like black and white, gives a whole other "story" to the images.

    Hope the mouth and teeth aren't too sore - oooh, ow and now my legs have gone all funny just thinking about it. Talking of legs...