Sunday, October 21, 2007


Here in Miyazaki flowers bloom year-round. Right now it's cosmos season. My family and I went for a look (click to enlarge):

Cosmos bloom in October? Man, that's Phoctober!


  1. That is such a delightful display of flowers

  2. Oh man, look at those cosmos! Beautiful! They grow like that up in the Drakensberg in Kwa-Zulu Natal. I've got a few cosmos that have popped up in my garden this year - kindly seeded by the guinea fowl! ;-)

  3. You get to see something like that in greenhouses only in my country, or in private gardens at Cuernavaca, the City of Eternal Spring.

  4. I know these pretty faces so well. But mine no longer look like this, they are fading in the fall. What beautiful shots you have taken of them. I have never seen a field of them before, lovely, I want to run through it (but I guess then I would trample them).

    The single flower shots are stunning.

    Where abouts in Japan is Miyazaki? It must be south but not too far south. Lower then Kyoto but north of the more tropical areas? Just got up off my duff, and got my DK's eyewitness Japan. In Kyushu. Really? That is pretty much all the way south. I thought that meant semi-tropical. I didn't know cosmos grew in that climate. Or am I off on the climate? Is that still temperate, and Okinawa is semi-trop?

  5. Those are wonderful! And there are so many! I don't know that I could have left that field until it got dark.

    What wonderful fun!

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore

  6. Theysay,
    Thanks for dropping by and thanks for your comment.

    Your cosmos came from bird poop? Yuck! ;-)

    Usual Stuff,
    Oh come now, there's no way that Mexico can be as hideous as you're always letting on. In fact, I've seen lots of beautiful pics of Mexico on the internets!

    Miyazaki's in the southeast of Kyushu. As far as I know it's considered to be "sub-tropical" (less than tropical) here. I'm not sure about Okinawa, but it's hotter than Miyazaki, so "semi-tropical" (almost tropical!) sounds about right. It's not Canada...

  7. Scarlett,
    Oops, didn't mean to leave you out!
    Actually, this particular spot is busy year-round. In spring you can go there for cherry blossom viewing, and there's also nanohana (rapeseed), but I forget when!