Monday, March 05, 2007

Sun, Sky, Clouds, Mountains, Flowers, a Burial Mound... and a Dork with a Camera

I haven't posted any photos for a couple of weeks, so here are a few from a "Sunday drive" outing I took with my family yesterday.

A burial mound in Saito.

Clouds, mountains, and flowers (nanohana).

An island, of sorts.

A mountain on a cloudy day.

The sun through some clouds.

A dork with a camera.


  1. Beautiful shots - but I didn't know you were bald.

  2. Lovely shots, especially the most obvious, I guess, the "sun through the clouds." Wow.

    And it appears in your self-portrait that you have a very large brain.

  3. Ja,ja. You really look funny in that pic. The mountain one is a real kick-ass. You look out for beauty, and you manage to find it in the simple things. Lovely!

  4. Glenn, I'm not exactly bald (at least not yet), but when anyone tries to poke fun (and really I'm beyond caring!) I invite them to "study up" on the causes of male pattern baldness. My life has been, how should I say... satisfying...[!]

    GT, glad you liked the pics, and I'm glad that someone thinks I have a large brain!

    Usual Stuff, thank you, as always!