Thursday, March 08, 2007

Low-tech/High-tech (?) Screen Grab...

I don't know if there's anything unique about it or not, but I seem to suffer from a double curse--I'm both easily bored and easily amused, sometimes (or so it seems) simultaneously. Today, in a fit of boredom, I started thinking about "alternative" uses for my cell phone. (I've found this to be a good time-killing activity in the past, devising alternative uses for things.) This was a particularly challenging task because cell phones here in Japan already do damn near anything you can imagine. (I've mentioned before that mine has a setting which which allows the phone to emit the sound of maracas when shaken. This has been a source of endless amusement for me in the past, a fact which perhaps gives you a bit more insight into my character than you might have wished for.) I thought the camera function might be a fruitful area to explore, so I turned it on. As I panned the phone/camera around my office my computer monitor came into the viewscreen. Eureka! I've been trying for months to figure out how to do a screen capture with XP. Here was the answer! And the sheer symmetrical beauty of this solution, somehow both low-tech and high-tech at the same time, why, it was overwhelming...

... as somebody once said, it's not easy being me...


  1. hey kyklops, i was hoping i could click on the photo and access your blog, but that would be asking too much, right?

  2. Being "easily amused" is a really good thing.

    I often find myself in meetings giggling to myself about a stupid thought or a silly word or a funny gesture. So I am all in favor of "the little things."

    I'm telling you, it's that big brain that allows it.

  3. Definitely, it is the small things of life that deserve a good laugh. Whenever I find myself lost in the midst of a problem, I find something to laugh about. You should see me playing with a yo-yo while nobody's looking, or surfing you-tube for cartoons and laughing my head off when I find something funny. Everybody thinks I'm crazy, but it really helps to keep the smile on my face. By the way, nice idea. Now I do want a cell with a camera.

  4. Glenn, you're just being polite, but that's OK!

    NMJ, you've just sent my brain into overdrive, and now I'm stuck in a "logic loop"...

    GT, yes, being easily amused blunts the effects of being easily bored. Having a "big brain" just means you have more things in there to forget!

    Usual Stuff, yeah, a cell phone with all the doodads can help one to while away many a boring hour...