Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sometimes You Can Fool All of the People

The man responsible for the video below has been captured and killed by the Japanese Secret Police. His memory will live on, however, for he has exposed one of the biggest hoaxes ever to be perpetrated on an unsuspecting world.

Watch, and learn about the real Japan...

Who's laughing now?


  1. I always knew that little old lady at Wasabi in the Marigny was laughing her fool head off behind our backs! The gall!

  2. A hoax about a hoax? Oh man.

    Very funny stuff, Kyklops. I love the woman's reaction, even in profile. She is great.

  3. You have just given proof of the conspiracy theory. On the other hand, you almost got me fired since I was laughing my head off at the front desk. But ultracool, anyway. lol.

  4. GT, glad you had a laugh.

    Usual Stuff, don't laugh too loudly!