Saturday, March 17, 2007

Recommended Listening

Yeah, I know, I'm usually going on about the Stones, or death metal, or some other crap that "civilized" people don't listen to these days. I like other stuff, too. Chances are, I have better taste in music than most (including you!). With that in mind (and assuming you're still reading), I'd like to recommend some albums that anyone with a half a brain should like. [Note to self: it's perhaps possible that people don't like being told they have bad taste in music. Heh, nah, it's never bugged me!]

Lucinda Williams-West: In the game of pigeonholing so popular amongst music "fans", I guess Lucinda Williams is "country and western". Just like Patsy Cline. Right. Don't be confused. This is probably the best album you'll hear this year.

Espers-Espers II: A 2006 release, this goes down as one of the "prettiest" albums I've ever heard. [I'm not prone to using the word pretty outside the context of girls/women. Don't make a big deal of it and I swear I won't beat the shit out of you.] It's also one of the most "haunting" albums I've heard in a while [see info for "pretty"]. Imagine Joni Mitchell (on downers) as a member of the Velvet Underground...

Butthole Surfers... oops! That's right, I said music for everyone...

NOMO-New Tones: Another 2006 release, this is music you can play at a party with no fear whatsoever of appearing "dorky". Until last week I thought "afro-beat" was some kind of watered-down reggae. Then I heard Fela Kuti and Antibalas and NOMO. Afro-beat is basically jazz being bounced back from Africa with a bit of funk and (just a hint of) reggae. It's upbeat, smart, and (I think) great music for a party.

I'd be interested in your opinions about these albums/artists, positive or negative. Comment me!


  1. Sorry, pal, but never heard of them before. So, my remaining half must be dead. (lol)
    In general, I try to avoid what's popular at the moment, since in my country it usually represents this "appraisal of the low-life" I hate that much. But I promise I'll look for them, ok?

  2. Don't worry about it, Usual Stuff! The music I mentioned in this post is not really "famous", but it's not really obscure either. Just good tunes...

  3. Downloaded the Espers CD as a result of what you'd written and you're absolutely right, cracking stuff. By the way, if you want a good download site, try They've got all three Espers CDs on there. Course, it isn't strictly legal... And obviously I haven't been on there myself. Someone told me about it. Ahem.

  4. Chez, glad you liked Espers! And thanks for the tip (which was never mentioned here or anywhere...).