Friday, March 09, 2007

Satan Is Dead!

Umm, well actually he plays for the New York Islanders...

Like (I think) most bloggers I frequently check my stat pages and I'm sometimes amused and/or puzzled (and one time a bit disturbed) by how this or that particular search phrase brought someone to my site. One search item that has been a regular source of page hits usually contains the words "Satan" and "images". (The thought of someone scouring the web looking for pictures of Satan is enough to make me cackle with glee!)

Now, aside from my stated fondness of The Rolling Stones, I don't think there's anything particularly "satanic" about this blog. So, what is it that brings these seekers of Satan to my blog? Behold, the final resting place of Satan:

Satan was a dog, a black Labrador Retriever, and he was the faithful pet of one of my uncles. I took this photo while visiting the "old country" (Nova Scotia) a few years back. While I was saddened to hear of poor old Satan's passing, I was greatly amused at this image of Satan's grave site, and I incorporated it into this rather silly post back in the early days of this site.

So, all you denizens of darkness seeking a glimpse of the cloven-hoofed one's image, get thee behind me!

[Say, do you think that by posting the image again I might actually increase the page hit count? Aw, shucks...]


  1. Man, you've really brought tears to my eyes... due to laughter!
    Sure this is gonna make you pretty popular. I never thought I could get to see something like this. I promise I'll let everybody I visit about this. Cross my heart and hope to die.

  2. Having been tortured by them for decades, I'm pretty sure that guitar Masses ARE the work of Satan. If I had to choose between hearing "Here I Am Lord" sung (shrilly) with guitar accompaniment while the choir lamely sways along for all eternity-- or being plunged into a lake of unquenchable fire--well let's just say I'm leaning strongly toward the lake-o-fire.

  3. I must agree with emarie after hearing the new dreadful "north-tech" music. It's indeed the work of the devil.