Friday, November 09, 2007

The Idiot

Imagine if writing were like music: I think I could do a pretty good Dostoevsky cover, or Camus...


  1. I do believe that the same force is behind music and writing. Only difference is what your fingers are more fit for.

    I tried to learn to play the guitar many years ago, but although I learn to move my left fingers, I never got how to move my right. Then I turned into writing.

    ja, ja (cuac).

  2. Hi K,
    Have you read the Idiot? How is it? It's been on my list for a while now.

    The same force moves both music and writing; I love both when tastefully done. (and i agree with you, heavy metal is not what I consider tasteful either.)

  3. TUS - unless you're left-handed, the right hand's interaction with the guitar should be the easy bit, consisting largely of up and down motions. Actually, come to think of it - that's a basic design flaw in the guitar per se. Isn't it? Surely the dominant hand is better qualified to do the melody stuff, relegating the dumbass hand to rhythm? K, as a fellow axeman (I assume), any ideas?

  4. Glenn,
    I could sooo play a mean Dr. Seuss, I could!

    Usual Stuff,
    It would certainly be very cool if the physical "mechanics" of music were as simple as those of "writing".

    Hi there! The Idiot was a difficult read for me; not because it's bad, but because the scenes and situations depicted were excruciatingly real to me. Definitely worth a look...
    Actually, if you re-read that other post, I'm saying that I *like* heavy metal (although I have no problem with anyone arguing that it's not "tasteful"--tasteful, rock n' roll just ain't my bag!).

    Actually, I'm a drummer, but there's also an odd left/right hand dynamic going on for drummers, too (or, rock drummers, at any rate). The right hand keeps the rhythm and the left plays the back beat and generally does any fancy-schmancy stuff (reverse for left-handers).

    Actually, though, I was just being goofy with this post. What the hell would it mean to do write a "cover version" of some book or story? Well, it would mean, I think, *copying* it on paper. A stupid idea, thus the title of the post... (I think Glenn got it...)

  5. I did "get it" too, but, inspired by Pal's blog technique (and several glasses of Australian Shiraz), took the opportunity to pay scant lip-service to the premise of the post and then launch off expansively into a wildly disparate sub-topic. Thanks for your comments on drumming, btw - interesting stuff.

    BTW - I'm sure that, if you ask someone like William Burroughs, he'll assert that his work has been extensively "covered".

  6. Michael,
    Yeah, I know what you mean about WSB...