Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Science Update

Apparently a big chunk of the universe has gone missing. I wonder if that's where all my ideas went...


  1. Oh thank you, now my head hurts.

    So it isn't really missing right? It was just originally miscalculated. (because of whatever that was that I read)
    If this mass was considered important for being part of some small amount of stuff holding us together, what then is holding the universe together?

  2. Let's just note, that like many big piles of money, the mass went missing during the Bush Administration.

    Coincidence ...?

  3. Taffiny,
    Yes, I think that's about right. As for what's holding things together, so far as I can tell it's only my intense powers of concentration...

    The Bush administration = the next al Qaeda (i.e. the source of all that's "evil")? Let the Dems run with it!

  4. Wow. That would explain where all the Mexican Government money goes, as well as where my muse decided to go on vacation.

  5. Usual Stuff,
    Yep, it's just one big giant black hole...