Friday, November 09, 2007

Not Unlike the Waves

I often find myself in the same argument: "The reason," I say, "that you don't like death metal is that you haven't heard enough of it." Of course, I've heard more than enough of the shit they listen to...


  1. Is that Death Metal? It's like poor man's Metallica crossed with poor man's Sisters of Mercy plus a bit of growling. And an echoey vocal is a sure sign of a shit singer (eg Ian Brown in the Stone Roses). Apologies if this band contains a friend or relative or anything.

    Oh, and the mysterious "Michael" with the guitar-related comment on the previous post is me, slightly drunk and having forgotten to log in as the Sandwich and fulfil my blog raison-d'etre.

  2. Of all the songs labeled "Death Metal," that has to be the tamest one I've ever heard.

    Not that I actually know much about death metal.

    But it was a pretty interesting video (speaking as someone who thinks MTV is the worst thing ever to happen to rock music, and who hasn't watched it since Duran Duran was the hot new band).

    But this is a comment posted on the Internet. Making absolutist statements on the basis of limited information is what it's all about, right?

  3. Shit,
    Yeah, technically it's a variety of death metal (and as you've surmised, it's a variety influenced by the doom/goth schools of rock). This stuff ain't for everyone, so no offense is taken if you don't like it. I figured I'd post something somewhat "accessible" and guage the reaction.

    As I suggested in my reply to Shit, there is a wide variety of sounds falling under the heading of "death/black" metal. Agalloch (the band in the vid) happens to be one of the more accessible (I think) bands for anyone normally turned off by the "cookie monster" vocals and general sonic assault.

    If I could just post the music, I wouldn't bother with the video at all, but yeah, I suppose the fact that there are no large-breasted, scantily-clad babes prancing and dancing around on the screen makes it more interesting than your typical music video (...did I just say that I don't like...???!!!).

    I don't know about "absolutist statements", but I do know that death metal rules! (Heh...)