Friday, November 16, 2007

A Paragraph Between Images

I'm not exactly sure how it's come about, but this blog is clearly beginning to look like a "photoblog". It's been weeks since I've even made an attempt to write anything here. I initially figured that photos would be a nice supplement to whatever I might write in this space, but the photos seem to have taken over. And while I have become more interested in taking pictures the last few months, I have not become less interested in writing. It just looks that way...


  1. Ooooh... So, does that explain why you aren't visiting my blog any longer? Not that it is an obligation, of course, but I do miss someone at least writing a happy face.

    Have you considered a photoblog by itself? Anyway, I like your pictures, mixed up with reflections like this. Just one question, from one writer to another: do you post for yourself, or for your public?

    If you're posting for yourself, keep going. If for the public, conduct a poll. =)

  2. Usual Stuff,
    I've been a bit slack visiting other people's blogs these days. It's a combination of being busy, being tired, and being busy!
    I'd like to have a good mix of written content and photos. I generally write for myself, but if I think someone else will enjoy it that's even better.