Monday, April 09, 2007

"Air Sex" Update: Video!!

Last September, to the amazement (and perhaps disgust) of my readers, I posted this story about a new "virtual sport" in Japan, air sex. Well, now there's a video to go with the story (are you there, Chez?).

Really, this is pretty stupid. I had to watch this video because, well, it's my job to be "up" on this kind of thing. If you're not really interested in watching a bunch of guys pretending to have sex with imaginary women, I wouldn't recommend watching the video.

Note: Although there's nothing pornographic or X-rated in this video, it's very possible that it's NOT SAFE FOR WORK, if only because you may not want to be observed watching something as embarrassingly ridiculous as this. If you do decide to watch it, there's an amusing and to-the-point comment made by a female observer near the end of the video.

Please remember, I'm only the messenger!!

[Video from the TV show Japanorama, via Japan Probe.]


  1. I promise I'll watch it at home. I don't want to get fired!!

  2. Crikey... I'd forgotten about that! Very funny comment at the end! Mind you, as I got dumped today by girl of my dreams, maybe I'll be entering next year... ;o)

  3. Sorry about your getting dumped. Hopefully you'll not have to sink so low!