Friday, February 29, 2008

Weekly Photo Challenge: "Dissolute"

This week's theme for Glenn and Dave's Weekly Photo Challenge is "dissolute" (selected randomly, I think, by Glenn).

It's perhaps best for all concerned if I don't say anything about this pic...

Buzzcocks-Orgasm Addict


  1. I won't ask about the tissues ...

  2. What, no Julie Newmar as Catwoman?

  3. Glenn,
    Forget about the tissue. There is no issue there...

    So little time, so little space, so many babes...

  4. why is it that this is a picture of totally hot 60's chicks with a box of tissues, and yet it is still one of the gayest photos I have ever seen? It's a complicated life, no?

  5. I'm happy to see that I share early crushes with kyklops and dave. Ah, Agent 99. And oh, yes ... Catwoman!


  6. Bryan,
    You nailed it, pal! But as a straight guy with a thing for hot 60s chicks, I say it's time for straight guys all over the world to take back those icons that surely belong to us!

    You are clearly a man of refined tastes!

  7. oops! sorry! but you know, there really isn't anything wrong with being straight...I hope you know that!

  8. Bryan,
    I know you're kidding, but it's a weird thing. I remember a long time ago I made a mixtape for a (female) friend, and one of the tunes I put on it was "It's Raining Men." I simply thought it was a great tune, and was completely floored when she asked me if I were trying to tell that I was gay! (I learned then that that tune had become some sort of "anthem"). I thought then (and I still think now) that, really, it's kinda stupid to "mark" somebody as being this or that "way" simply for liking this or that music, movie star, etc. I mean, if it's good, then everyone should like it, right?