Friday, February 01, 2008

Double Duty: Vending Machines (Supplemental): Hot Food (for Breakfast)

Heh, I was actually saving the crappy cell phone pics below for a future post, but my pals Glenn and Dave have tripped me up a bit with this week's photo challenge topic: breakfast.

Ya gotta understand, see, that a) I don't usually eat breakfast, b) I just found out about the topic of this week's challenge, c) it's after 10 pm here, and I don't feel like interrupting my drinking to stage some kind of improvised shot, and d) but I really do want to contribute something (sorry for the crappy pics, guys!).

Anyway, enough of my whining! What, you might be asking yourselves, do vending machines that dispense hot food like hot dogs, French fries, and fried chicken have to do with breakfast?

Well, it's quite simple, really. As you can see from the pics, these machines dispense hot food 24 hours a day. You may already have astutely surmised that what comes out of these machines could only be called "food" by the most charitable of hunger victims. In fact, only a drunk would put his money into one of these things...

Perhaps you see where I'm going with this (bear with me!). As I mentioned above, I rarely eat breakfast. There is, however, a general exception to this habit (non-habit?). Like many men of all ages, in all ages--through all of recorded history (and before, no doubt), when I'm stumbling home drunk at six or seven on a Sunday morning I get an awful fucking munch on. And sometimes there are no convenience stores... conveniently nearby... Voila! Sunday breakfast from the vending machine!

Dave Edmunds-What Did I Do Last Night


  1. I'm getting all bigums hungry with these pictures that have been showing up for this challenge. Your Japanese concept of "convenience" is really starting to exert a pull over me. Is there any way to get there other than flying?

  2. Glenn,
    Hmm... I suppose you could take a ship, but it might take while to get here from NOLA. If I were young and single again, I think it might be cool to book passage on a freighter (if they still do that). Enough books, booze, and batteries (for your tunes), and just enjoy the open sea for a few weeks!
    Shit, I might do it anyway (not!).