Saturday, February 16, 2008

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lick, No Bite

For Glenn and Dave's Weekly Photo Challenge this week, internet scourge Glenn picked the somewhat obscure word "lychnobite" for a topic. With apologies, I'm afraid I have only this kinda lame pun to offer:

By day, while we're at work (or kindergarten), we're pretty sure she sleeps. She rises in the empty hours between deep darkness and pre-dawn to satiate her lust for jumping into bed and giving us a lick, no bite...

The horror...


  1. You can't ever go wrong with a puppy. I love 'em - and the pun.

  2. the pun made me smile. the puppy looks like she might be experiencing 'the butterfly effect'.

  3. Hee! I think this pun is the best! (Is that how you pronounce it?) Mine may be even more of a

  4. Glenn, D, Candy Sue,
    Glad you all liked the pun!
    D, actually that was a "trashcan" pic, but I thought the (unintentional) blur would help to convey some sense of "evil" (as if a little puppy could be evil!).

  5. Your lychnobite is seriously cute. I wouldn't have had you down for cute but there you go beneath the brash rocker exterior perhaps you too are a lychnobite ;-)

  6. AV,
    Sshhhhhh!! If word gets out, I'm done for!