Friday, February 29, 2008


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  1. Love these, especially the middle one. Even the sea is Japanese there, isn't it?

  2. Glenn,
    Thanks. Have I somehow managed to make the Pacific Ocean look Japanese?

  3. Yes, that's exactly it. I can see in these pictures what the Japanese printmakers saw. And this is not the same Pacific that you see on our west coast.

  4. Glenn,
    Interesting. You've alluded to this kind of thing before in some of my pics. I'm not aware that I'm doing or seeing anything particularly "Japanese," but I'm certainly open to the idea that they've taken control of my brain--hehe, just kidding!--I'm open to the idea that just living here has influenced my "aesthetic."

  5. Absolutely. If I were in another place, my pictures there would not be like the ones I take here. For instance, New York was one the places that gave rise to "Street Photography". I try to do that here, and people stop and pose themselves. So immediately, there's a difference.

    These ocean pictures show me that the old printmakers were really documenting what they saw with their own eyes. There was no codification that one drew waves a certain way. What they drew were the waves themselves.

    You're doing the same thing. But you're also being influenced by a centuries-old tradition of seeing. It's fascinating.

    And I talk too much.

  6. Did you mess with these at all?

    They are so damn beautiful.

  7. Taff,
    Yeah, I "mess with" most of my pics. On these ones mostly to bring out the color.