Saturday, July 28, 2007

Gay Marriage Will Destroy the World!!

I can't seem to get too worked up about lesbians for some reason... BUT I KNOW THEY'RE EVIL!!

[Via Multi Medium via Cliff Schecter]


  1. Dude, the only black eye I ever got in my life was pasted on me by a lesbian! A tiny, little, petite, bull-dyke lesbian.

    On a stage.

    In front of an audience.

    That laughed as the whole left side of my face swolled up and died.

    Long, long story.

  2. Yeah, but didn't you know, Harry Potter is more evil - or so some say...

  3. Gay "marrage"? Are homosexuals now indulging in en-masse impersonations of the guitarist from The Smiths?

  4. Glenn,
    You have my sympathies! I hope, though, that you won't let the actions of one cloud your view of the many!

    For some people, anything they don't like is "evil".

    What can I say, there were a couple of typos in this post (now corrected). Must have been the birthday booze. That's an interesting image, though...

  5. Interesting Images R Us.

    Happy Birthday! What's the magic number? (Or am I missing it by reading another post too peripherally?)

  6. Thanks, Shit.
    No, I don't think I've mentioned my age recently. Last Friday I turned a ripe old 49.

  7. Happy Birthday for last Friday!