Friday, July 20, 2007

Whine and Cheese...

I've had a nagging pain in my shoulder for a few weeks. A couple of days ago the pain began radiating down my arm, so I went to the hospital. Turns out that one of the vertebrae in my neck is somehow not quite where it's supposed to be and is pinching against a major nerve coming out of my spine. It's not as serious as it might sound, but it hurts like fuck and has been hurting like fuck for about a month. I'll likely have to be decapitated or something.

The Japanese medical establishment doesn't seem to have a clear conception of what a "painkiller" is supposed to do. I certainly have never taken any here that were good for anything worse than a headache or toothache. Thankfully I can supplement the crappy pills my doctor prescribed with a few beers and some aspirin...


  1. Oh dear Kyklops. Hope the cheese helps too.

  2. Jesus, man, that's a total bummer. Leave your skull to me, and I'll make sure you appear in every production of Hamlet I direct.

  3. Ibuprofen is one of those item without which I am not...
    Along with good coffee, which I suspect is also difficult to obtain in Japan.
    By the way, if you're able, I tagged you for the "8 things" meme.

  4. Verilion,
    Actually booze proved to be a very effective painkiller. Too bad I can't drink and work, drive, etc...

    I always wanted to be a "star of stage and screen." That might be my best shot!

    Actually the Japanese are quite fond of coffee, so it's pretty easy to get a good cup o' coffee. Getting a *cheap* one is another thing...
    I've sort of declared a moratorium on tagging people, but when I get a moment I'll be happy to link back and write 8 things about myself!