Thursday, July 12, 2007

An Ordinary Bummer: Typhoon Man-yi

The good news: A long weekend is approaching!

The bad news: So is a big fucking typhoon...

Details in the pics below (click to enlarge). It's really too soon to say, but it doesn't appear that typhoon Man-yi will directly hit Miyazaki (updates below). We will, however, likely get some very nasty weather, especially on Saturday.

The forecast.

A look at what's coming.

Updates to follow and, although I'm a bit paranoid about getting my cameras wet, I'll try to post some pics (if I can get some good ones).

[Images updated 7/14 2:40 pm JST; it appears that Miyazaki is going to get the worst of it around 6 pm; it's beginning to look like a direct hit again...]

[Images updated 7/14 10:45 am JST. Man-yi is one slow motherfucker! It's been pulling into Miyazaki for the last couple of hours, but hasn't really arrived yet. I'm not sure when we can expect the strongest effects, but the whole city is basically closed down today. I hope I don't run out of beer, it's at least 300 meters to the nearest vending machine! Also, I've taken (and will take) some video, but my dvd/rw is on the fritz, so I can't upload anything right now. My daughter is beginning to climb the walls...]

[Images updated 7/13 11:00 pm JST; hmm... the Japan Meteorological Agency seems to think Man-yi will veer a bit north. If so, things might not get too nasty here in Miyazaki. It's still a few hours from Kyushu, so we'll have to wait and see...]

[Images updated 7/13 4:50 pm JST; according to this Bloomberg article NHK is reporting that areas of Miyazaki are already flooded with reports of power outages and cars being blown over (although I suspect the latter was from Okinawa, not Miyazaki). The typhoon proper is still several hours away...]

[7/13 12:00 pm JST: The news out of Okinawa, which is currently being battered by Man-yi. The wind and rain are starting to pick up here in Miyazaki...]

[Images updated 7/13 11:40 am JST; things are definitely looking grimmer; possibly a direct hit. Find Miyazaki in the map below and compare it to the forecast above.]

[Images updated 7/13 6:30 am JST; hmm... looks like things have taken a turn for the worse. It seems to have picked up strength, and it's definitely passing a lot closer to Miyazaki than was forecast yesterday.]

[Images updated 5:05 pm JST]


  1. Guess you can start thinking on how to entertain your family during those long days you're going to be stuck at home.
    A large supply of coloring books and a large box of crayons may do the trick...

  2. Oh, God, take care of yourself and your family. I know what you're in for. Get out if you can.

  3. Peace K,
    take care of you and your glenn said, get out if you can.

  4. Usual Stuff,
    I'm all stocked up!

    Glenn and Maliha,
    I really appreciate your concern. I especially understand your worries, Glenn. I don't want to appear too casual about it, but these typhoons are a pretty routine thing in Japan. In 2004 there were 10 of them!!
    In cities/towns the main danger is usually the wind, but if you stay indoors it's pretty safe. In the countryside/mountains it's generally the water that's dangerous (flash floods, landslides, etc.).
    I don't think any urban area in Japan is at risk for the kind of massive flooding you guys has with Katrina, Glenn (although, of course, one never really knows...).
    I promise you, though, that I'll be very careful!

  5. pew! Thank God you posted that comment on the risk. I had been dying with embarrasment thinking I had underestimated the seriousness of the situation, maybe because I do trust Japanese Civil Protection Programs.