Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tagged Out...

I've been tagged by my buddy John at konichwa, bitches. I'm supposed to give eight random facts about myself and then tag eight other people. Unfortunately, I don't think I have eight friends who haven't already been tagged by some meme or another recently, so I don't think I can play along fully on this one.

I can, however, list eight random things about myself:

  1. Brush with fame: Michael Chiklis (The Shield, Fantastic 4, etc.) said hello to me at Narita Airport in Tokyo about two years ago.

  2. I can play "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on every musical instrument known to humankind.

  3. I was in grade 4 when I played my first game of organized hockey in a league in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I scored four goals and two assists. A "scout" from an "elite" team happened to see my game and invited me to play that evening with his team. My initial excitement was dampened by having to don the jersey of the hated Montreal Canadiens (I was born a Boston Bruins fan). This indignity had an adverse effect on my play, and to this day I blame the "curse of the Canadiens" for my ultimate failure to fulfill my destiny as a star player in the National Hockey League. Instead, I turned to a life of crime and debauchery which, of course, had only one logical end: teaching English at a university here in Japan. I'll see you in hell, Habs.

  4. I lived in Germany for three years when I was a kid, and even attended kindergarten there. Apparently I used to make my mother sick with my habit of crossing the autobahn in order to get to the Canadian military base where my father worked. I did this because when I (4-years-old) arrived at the gate the guards would call my dad and he'd give me a ride back home... in a jeep! One day I got lost and wandered onto the American base by mistake. Paydirt! They drove me (in a jeep!) to the Canadian base, and from there my dad drove me home (in a jeep!).

  5. When I was 17 I hitch-hiked from Truro, Nova Scotia to Medicine Hat, Alberta. I ran out of money in Medicine Hat, so I hung out there for a week. I hitch-hiked back to Truro when the drugs wore off and I started to get hungry.

  6. I once dated a stripper (for about 6 weeks).

  7. My only A+ grade in university came from a course in "existentialism". Talk about self-discovery...

  8. My mother is fond of telling the following story about me: When I was about 5 she sent me to the corner store to buy a loaf of bread. I honestly don't remember this, but apparently when I found out that the store was sold out of bread I walked outside and threw the money away. I'd like to think that this story is true...

That's probably more than anyone needed (or wanted) to know about me...


  1. In a way, 8) is the most impressive of all - a wonderfully symbolic rejection of our consumerist society at such an early age.

  2. Indeed, Shit. Probably my "finest hour"!

  3. You are endlessly fascinating, my man.

  4. What a fantastic list, Mr. Kyklops. Every part of this.

    I especially love #3. The effect of wearing a hated-team's jersey having a lasting, life-altering effect on you. And how in earth did a young boy in Canada grow up liking the Boston Bruins makes this story even better still!!

    Believe #8 story as truth. Why the hell not? If mom said it is so, it is so. (in a jeep!)

  5. #8 should be a scene from a movie by Camus.
    I'm sure you do existentially significant things all the time. The only problem is that no one is watching at the time, so the grandeur of the moment is lost.

  6. Glenn, gee, thanks! Now if I could just convince my wife... ;-)

    GT, my dad was a Bruins fan, so... (and, actually, a lot of people from the Maritime provinces love New England teams--historically the two regions are closer to each other than to their respective countries.). And yeah, if Mom said it, it's gotta be true!

    Daniel, I frequently do "existentially significant" things when nobody's watching! Seriously, though, I know what you mean and I'm sure this can be said about most of us.

  7. Cool list, and like others I'm loving number 8. In a Jeep! is my new favourite expression.

  8. John, thanks. Maybe we can start a new meme with the phrase "in a jeep!" Example: George W. Bush is going to hell... in a jeep!

  9. Yours must've been a very exciting childhood. How childrend always find a way to get things don their way is fantastic. When I was 16, I was planning to take a hitch-hiking trip around Mexico, but the risks prevented me from doing so.
    Well, another thing to regret for not doing...

  10. Usual Stuff, my hitch-hiking trip happened over 30 years ago. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone these days--too many weirdos out there...