Saturday, July 14, 2007

Take Me to the Bridge...

So, typhoon Man-yi has come and gone (to Tokyo, I hear). Miyazaki allegedly bore a direct hit, but from where I was sitting in my condo it seemed to subside just as it was getting going. It's still quite windy as I write this, but this sucker is long gone (from Miyazaki).

Anyway, I took a drive over to the Oyodo River before dark to see how high it was after all the rain we've gotten. It's quite swollen, but I've seen it in worse shape (I'll post some pics in an upcoming post).

The pics below are all of the same bridge over the Oyodo River (there are several, but this one had the best "background"). Sorry if it seems like I'm beating a subject to death, but the greys in these shots simply blew me away (click to enlarge).


  1. It's amazing how beautiful something so overwhelming can be, isn't it?

    I'm glad you're safe. I was so worried about that rice-paper condo you're living in, but apparently those Japanese know how to do 'em right.

  2. Thanks, Glenn, yeah we're safe and the "rice-paper" condo is still standing. Although I will grant that Katrina/NO was perhaps a "special" case, Japanese (and Canadians) frequently wonder about the complete obliteration of houses/neighborhoods in similar US disasters...

  3. Of course, the 200+ year-old building I live in weathered her fine.

  4. Wow. The combination of colors is truly amazing. I join Glenn in the joy you're all OK.
    How did your daughter do? Was she scared? Or did she just devoted herself to her coloring books? (Talking about beating a subject to death, je,je)

  5. Usual Stuff, my daughter wasn't scared, she just became bored and upset that she couldn't go out and play (coloring is only interesting for a couple of hours at most!).