Monday, November 06, 2006

Random Nagasaki Photos, Part One

We had a fun-but-tiring trip to Nagasaki this past weekend. Like most Japanese 'holidays' any attempt to actually relax is completely out of the question. No, one must go somewhere and see as many things in one day as is humanly (inhumanely?) possible. Fortunately in Japan one place is never very far from another... Anyway, here are a few pics from the trip...

Ouch! Some silliness with my daughter.

An attempt at "nature photography", taken at an interesting wildlife park ("Bio Park") in Nagasaki Prefecture.

We spent one day at a Dutch-themed resort area called Huis Ten Bosch (please don't ask silly questions, just accept that there's this huge resort area in Nagasaki Prefecture that is supposed to replicate "traditional" Holland; the World Liquor Shop has a nice selection of beer...). This was taken near the "cottage" we stayed in.

What did I tell you?

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  1. The strategically placed rhino horn is quite amusing... and an excellent piece of social commentary on your part, given the oriental penchant for misuse of rhino horn as an aphrodisiac.

  2. "Social commentary" is my middle name...
    I also found a thusly placed rhino horn to be somewhat, um, counter-productive...

  3. OK, the silly zoo photo made me laugh :) And something about the recreation of Holland seems VERY Japanese.

  4. Mr. Angry, I'm appalled. How could you laugh at another's obvious discomfort...?
    Yes, the very notion of the place is very Japanese, I think. There are hundreds (thousands?) of idiosyncratic places (big and small) like this scattered all over Japan.