Thursday, November 09, 2006

More Random Nagasaki Pics

I guess the good thing about posting photos is that, if your readers don't like your pictures, you haven't wasted too much of their time. Since quitting smoking I seem to have quite a few more 'idle moments', so I've been taking a lot of (admittedly, mostly bad) pictures. Anyway, here are a few more from my recent trip to Nagasaki.

A random shot of a residential area in Nagasaki, taken at maximum zoom with less than optimal lighting (you'll get more detail if you click for the larger size image). Not every place in Japan has as many hills as Nagasaki, but this shot gives you an idea of how closely packed things are here.


A scene from Nagasaki's harbor.

A closer view of the bridge in the shot above.

This was taken at Nagasaki's Confucian Shrine.

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