Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Dead Flowers

I've made a few references in the last few weeks to the fact that I play drums on Sunday nights. Well, things have been formalized a bit and I'm now a proud member of the rock 'n' roll outfit The Dead Flowers. We do our first official gig this Sunday opening for a bunch of Japanese rock/reggae/etc. bands. This gig will, of course, be happening at The Bar (I've posted before). At this point we're still exclusively a cover band, but we're confident that will change fairly soon. Probable song list for our set:

The Beatles-Come Together
Smithereens-Behind a Wall of Sleep
Rolling Stones-Beast of Burden
Georgia Satellites-Keep Your Hands to Yourself
Neil Young-Helpless
Rolling Stones-Just My Imagination (of course via The Temps)
Jimi-Hey Joe
Neil Young-Rockin' in the Free World

If you're in Miyazaki (or if you're filthy stinking rich and have your own private jet), then The Bar is the place to be this Sunday.


  1. My jet's in the shop; otherwise, I'd be there.

    Knock 'em dead!

  2. Nice song list. Good luck!

  3. Brendan and Rob,
    Thanks guys. I'll have a brief report here as soon as I have time to post anything!

  4. I missed the Georgia Satellites in the list last time I was here. Great choice!

    I did a show with them once. They were a blast. Louder on stage than a heavy metal band.

  5. Brendan,

    I did a show with them once.

    Buddy, you'll have to elaborate on that comment! Are you a musician? Tech? I don't think I knew about this!