Friday, May 23, 2008

Awful Album Covers

[Numbed by overwork to a state resembling brain death, I plunder the work of others in search of ideas. Thanks Eli.]

Any site that claims to have the 50 Worst Album Covers, had better back it up with some real "winners" (and they do!). Some personal favorites:

Chicken Coupe de Ville
There's so much visual information on this cover that a good CSI team could re-construct this guy's entire life in a couple of days (never mind simply figuring out what kind of music is inside). The pickup, the mullet, the song titles, where to begin...

The Handless Organist-Truly a Miracle of God
Good fucking grief. I'm sure The Handless Organist can play up a storm, and I wish her well (honestly). I gotta wonder, though, about the kind of thinking that would allow someone to see a person with no hands and call it a "miracle."

John Bult-Julie's Sixteenth Birthday
Nobody would blame you, gentle reader, if you thought your eyes were deceiving you, but what you see is what it is...

Jimmy Jenson-Understand You're Swede
Hey, Jimmy, where you goin' with that axe in your hand?

Slim Goodbody-The Inside Story
What the fuck!?

Johnny Janot-Expose Yourself to Cajun Music
For Glenn and Dave. Heh, just kidding around, guys!


  1. "Johnny Janot-Expose Yourself to Cajun Music": Hey, I've got that one. Wanna make something of it?

    The one I want is "Chicken Coupe de Ville". Bu then I would.

    "The Handless Organist"? I prefer mine toothless.

    The rest are too creepy.

  2. Glenn,

    The rest are too creepy.

    I think they're all pretty fucking creepy, but then I think you knew that...

  3. Oh man, these are great. What were they thinking?

    I kind of want to hear The Handless Organist now. It looks like she's just smashing the keys with her forearms...

  4. Rob,
    That might be kinda cool in a punk sort of way...

  5. I know this site well. Joyce is also one of my favorites. Chicken Coupe de Ville had some great hits. "Ain't Above Lyin'" Really, I never would have guessed.

    I also love that Jimmy Jenson record. How do you understand that you are a Swede? You do so by thinking that the apostrophe in "You're" goes between the R and the E, that's how.

  6. Junk Thief,
    It's the ax (and the small sack) he's carrying that puts the Jenson cover into exalted territory, but I agree that the apostrophe definitely adds some drama...