Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Small Pleasure

My little girl is at the age (5) where she frequently wants a chance to do things by herself, without mommy or daddy's help. Lately she seems to have a lot of fun giving herself a shower. Of course, she's got toys and stuff that she plays with in the bath/shower, but her big thing now is singing. She loves belting out tunes in the shower! I've never been a shower singer myself, but I get a big kick out of listening to her singing the songs she's learned at kindergarten or theme songs to her favorite cartoons. It makes me happy that she's so obviously happy while taking her shower.

And then last night she absolutely floored me. As I was hovering outside the bathroom listening in on her "performance," she started singing "whoooo are you? who who? who who?" over and over. It was "Who Are You?" by The Who! (Clearly she's been listening in while CSI was on the tube.) I was so overcome with joy that I burst into the bathroom and started singing along with her, which seemed to please her immensely. We frightened the dog with our racket and my wife thought we'd lost our minds.

My little girl's gonna be a rocker!


  1. Now you know how sweetly shocking it is to discover our little people (my niece, in this case) like things we love. Somehow it closes the generational gap, especially when I had never told my niece about my love for horses, for example. I gave her a stuffed horse for birthday 2 years ago, and she still carries it wherever she goes! Aaaawwww...

  2. Yes indeed! Next up: The Rolling Stones!