Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pictures My 5-Year Old Took

Today I let my daughter assume control of the camera (well, one of them). It's kinda cool the things kids find interesting enough to snap (and I'm way too beat to do any of my own stuff right now!). As always, click to enlarge.

Only a kid would take a picture of a clear sky...


  1. "Only a kid would take a picture of a clear sky..."

    And that was the picture that totally stunned me, made me wonder what the hell's wrong with the rest of us.

    (I also liked the hanging animals. On the other hand, the little blond face on the floor creeps me out.)

  2. A little photographer in the making. Very cool.

  3. Glenn,
    I found that pic a little creepy too (and I thought the dog looked a little sinister!). I was a bit floored by the "sky" pic. I asked why she took it and she said, "why not?" She made me proud!

    Glenn and Rob,
    I will definitely pass on your compliments! In fact, I might just make the camera a present to her. She sees me taking pictures all the time, and I think it would be very cool for the two of us to have a shared hobby.

  4. Only a kid would take a picture of a clear sky...

    Channeling my inner defensive five-year-old:

    Daddy, it's a picture of a bird! What's the matter with you? Only he flew a little too fast ...

  5. Brendan,
    Heh, you might be on to something...

  6. ja, ja. I loved how she made your lovely Corgy look so menacing. On the other hand, an absolute clear sky is kind of a luxury in Mexico City. I would've taken a similar picture too.
    My seven-year-old niece has a very keen eye for pictures, and nobody has taught her anything. An early hobby may result in a profitable career later on. Who knows...