Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Guilty Pleasure

It barely has a right to exist post-Nirvana, let alone sound so fucking good, so fucking right, but the new Whitesnake album, Good to Be Bad, has wedged itself directly into the pleasure center of my brain and is showing no signs of releasing me from its thrall. It's a bit embarrassing, really. I didn't know that bands were still allowed to play stuff like this, never mind record and release it. If I think about it hard enough, though, if I look beyond the big hair and the (now) cringe-inducing clothes, hazy memories begin to seep through to my consciousness and one simple fact blazes laser-like into my mind: I had a damn good fucking time in the eighties... A real damn good fucking time.

Whitesnake-Best Years

Was it good for you?


  1. Was it good, man? THE EIGHTIES ROCKED!! Music was better, there were less worries, I made my very best and only friends forever, I found my first love, learned the difference between love and infatuation... Ah, nostalgia.

    Now I'm speaking like an old lady...

  2. I think I might have enjoyed the eighties a lot more if I had spent more time listening to Whitesnake and less time listening to the god damn Smiths. Ah, hindsight...

  3. Usual Stuff,
    So, you had a good time...? ;-)

    I don't dislike "suicide music" (as I fondly like to refer to it!), but all that angst turned me away from (admittedly) a lot of good bands. I generally associate music with having a good time--except perhaps certain songs I latched onto after being dumped!.