Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ain't Wastin' Time No More

I'm sitting here, almost paralyzed by the Allman Brothers Band's "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed." Like most of the music I love I have about a billion versions of this and other ABB tunes. I'm not even sure which version I'm listening to right now. Heh, OK, it's the Fillmore album. Here comes "Whipping Post."

I'd like to say this: if you don't know the Allman Brothers, then you don't know shit about American rock n' roll. Seriously, if you don't know these guys then you're not qualified to express an opinion on, well fuck, not just American rock, but ROCK.

When I listen to recordings of the band with Duane, I can't help but think what could have been ( a real "bridge" between jazz and rock--check out "Whipping Post" on the Fillmore album). The Allman Brothers Band embody all that's fucking exciting about American music. The Allman Brothers are American music, in the purest sense.

I ain't wastin' time no more...

Allman Brothers-Ain't Wastin' Time No More


  1. I'm completely with you on this one. The Allman Brothers, especially with Duane, rule.

    I think "Hot 'Lanta" might be the best song on Fillmore for showing where else the Bros. might have gone had Duane not died, besides continuing their masterful interpretations of the blues, but every song on that album is top-notch. I'd hate to have to pick a favorite.

    Seven songs, double album! Back in the LP days, that is. I probably have paid for about four different copies of this album, between replacing worn-out vinyl and getting the CD.

    One other regret: I'm pretty sure they played "Dreams" at the Fillmore, if YouTube is to be trusted. Pity it didn't come out well. I could stand to own multiple versions of that tune.

  2. Brendan,
    I agree, it's all good. My personal favorites are "Whipping Post" (for the inspired end section) and "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" (for the geeetars!).
    You should check out the full-length (2 CD's) The Fillmore Concerts (if you haven't already), although a quick check shows "Dreams" isn't on it.

  3. Huh. I hadn't heard of The Fillmore Concerts. I see it has a couple of new tracks, and is not just At Fillmore East plus the live cuts from Eat A Peach. Tempting, but it basically comes down to paying $30 for a couple of new songs. Probably not going to do it today, but I will keep it in mind. Thanks.

  4. Crap. I see by some of the reviews on Amazon that most of the material has been remixed, which means its a whole 'nother listening experience.

    That $30 is feeling a little more at-risk ...

  5. The original release was actually re-mixed in the studio from (I think) two shows with, for example, a solo from one show grafted onto the same song from another (I had no clue about this until a couple of years ago). The newer double disc features the songs unaltered from the actual performances. Listening to it you'll probably wonder, like me, why Tom Dowd (if memory serves) felt he needed to re-mix the way he did. The middle and end sections of "Whipping Post" sound a lot different, but still awesome, for example.

  6. Another thing I read about the remix was that the drums and bass were boosted, to give what Dowd saw as a more realistic representation of the live sound. That interests me. The guitars are mixed especially loudly, as that was the fashion back then, so I'm interested to hear the new versions.