Sunday, May 16, 2010

Unrelated Segments

There was a nice waxing crescent moon tonight, with Venus perched slightly above and to the right. It was very clear, and a pleasure to look at until it ducked behind the police station.

For the past couple of weeks I've been watching 2 or 3 episodes a day of Battlestar Galactica. It's much easier to follow the story this way, compared to catching a few minutes here and there over a period of several years. (Married people with young kids tend, I think, to be a bit busy between 8-10 p.m.) Seeing the canvas spread out before me is much more preferable to the mosaic version I've constructed in my head. Colonel Tigh is becoming my favorite character. I find his negativity refreshing! From what I've read on the web, I'm ready for things to start getting crappy in season 4 (the web couldn't be wrong about this, could it? Naahh.). Until then, I'll just enjoy it. Next up: Lost.

I enjoyed a very tasty hard boiled egg today. It was cooked in a hot spring (see previous post) at the side of the road in Kirishima.

I'm battling a case of mild depression brought on by my favorite hockey team being eliminated from the playoffs. It's not that they lost that's bothering me. No, I've become quite accustomed to that! It's the manner in which they lost, the epic fail of it, the way they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, the way people will be talking about it for fucking centuries to come--that's how epic it was and that's what's bugging me about it. Bleh.


  1. Hi Rick, Your stream-of-consciousness writing is fun to read, similar to Clifton Harris's Sitting on My Porch, Part ... and I am looking forward to more about Lost! I think that Claudia and I are glad that they never killed-off Sawyer (yet), but there is a profound message since all the ones who had died keep turning up in alternate universes. take care, sp

  2. The moon ducked behind the Police Station... Oh, I loved this image.

    I am a fan of your "not really relevant to anything in particular" posts! Like Sussah said your writing is fun to read when you let your stream-of-consciousness run free. But please, keep it readable. (James Joyce is a source of frustration for me.)

    And yes, I am with Susan - looking forward to more about your particular vision on Lost.

    (Sussah - actually, Sawyer is not my type. I prefer Jack. Yes, I know he whines a lot, but I do not mind it at all!)

  3. Hi Claudia (and oh yes, Rick)... I prefer Jack too, he's the central character and I'm pulling for him. Actually I like Desmond. And you gotta love Hurley. But I'm just talking about strictly in terms of good looks, Sawyer is what you might call interesting. haha! sp

  4. Sussah (sorry, Rick;-),

    Oh, yes, I love Desmond, Sayid, and Hurley too. But in terms of good looking Jack is, in my opinion, much more handsome than Sawyer... oh, far more!

  5. Sussah and Claudia,
    It will probably be a while before I get around to watching all of my lost Lost episodes. Stay tuned...
    I can say this much: I don't really have an opinion on which of the male characters is better looking!
    In the meantime, feel free to use this space to debate the topic. ;-)