Friday, May 21, 2010

Placebo Effect

So, like, I'm listening to the recently released "re-mastered" version of Exile on Main St. by The Stones. Wow. It was (to my mind) already the best album ever recorded in the history of the world. Listening to this new re-mastered version for the first time reminds me a lot of the first time I heard the old un-re-mastered version. It fucking rocks!

The re-mastering takes nothing away from the original at all!

I love this album...


  1. But aren't there a few "new" songs added on to this version? How are those? Worth getting the whole thing for?

  2. Hi Dave,
    The "new" songs are OK but, as you can probably imagine, there's a reason why they never appeared on the original issue of Exile. If your copy of the album/cd is getting a bit worn out, I'd highly recommend getting the re-mastered version with the extra tracks. I wouldn't bother with all the "collector's edition" stuff--unless you're really into that sort of thing (I'm only interested in the music).