Monday, May 03, 2010

Headline: Man Teaches Daughter, No Tears Shed

(Miyazaki) In a dazzling display of fatherhood, a local man taught his daughter how to use in-line skates today. No tears were shed by either the young girl or the father.

Bystanders looked on in shocked admiration as the man quickly navigated his daughter through the you're-going-to-fall-on-your-ass-no-matter-what phase of skating.

The girl fell on her ass a couple of times, in fact, but didn't cry, and seemed genuinely interested in continuing.

"Clearly the father is a genius," one witness commented, "but the girl deserves full marks for sticking it out."

The father, originally from Canada, asked that his name be withheld from this report. "We Canadians are a humble race, and we avoid the limelight whenever possible," he said by way of explanation.

The man did say, however, that he was extremely proud of his daughter. He thought he might have a few beers tonight to celebrate.


  1. Both of you are wise beyond your years. Pretty soon she will want to drive. thanks, sp

  2. Did you laugh when she fell? When I was learning to ride a bicycle, my dad laughed his ass off every time I hit the dirt. To this day, I cannot stay upright on a two-wheeler.

  3. Susan,
    "Modesty" is my middle name. ;-)

    Thanks. I hope she picks up driving as easily when the time comes!

    I got pretty much the same thing from my father. It's what we guys do, right? The past 7+ years have given me a bit of insight about what works (and definitely doesn't work!) with teaching little girls. (Short version: split-second sizing up of her facial expression determines any response of mine.)