Friday, September 19, 2008


In a slow year for these things, the year's first typhoon is blowing through Miyazaki. I don't know if it's because the typhoons here are a lot less intense than the hurricanes that blow through the American cities some friends of mine live in, or if construction methods here are superior, or whatever, but I've yet to feel any sense of emergency during one of these things (and I've been through at least 20 of them in the past 10 years).

No, no emergency. Just bloody inconvenience. The dog hasn't been out for a couple of days. My daughter's kindergarten (and probably others) mis-timed the whole thing and canceled tomorrow. This, of course, means that either me or my wife will have to take a day off work. My wife is a "part-time" (i.e. practically full-time with no benefits) nurse, so she doesn't get paid holidays. I'm a university teacher with full benefits, and second term doesn't start here until October (so I have nothing pressing to cancel). I may be a selfish bastard, but I know a losing argument when I see one. I'm staying home tomorrow. With crap weather outside. With a dog that by this time is ready to start eating her family. With a 5-year-old daughter who by this time is about ready to burn the condo to the ground. It's amazing the amount of energy that gets pent up from staying inside just for a day or two. Believe me, I know. That's what beer is for. Hey...


  1. I'm with you. I never wanted to leave during the last two evacuations. The only reason was because of Bobby and his health. But even he doesn't plan on leaving the next time.

  2. Glenn.
    You guys have had to deal with rather severe circumstances (to put it lightly). There's no comparison to my experience here (where, it's only the very unlucky or very stupid who get hurt in typhoons).

  3. well...we're running out of water here in California - I don't know if it has quite sunk in yet. Interesting Times altogether.

  4. Clearly, it is time for your daughter to start guest-blogging.

  5. Artsparker,
    Was there ever water in California? Or am I just confusing LA with the whole state?

    Not a bad idea, but with my wife at the TV I'd have to start reading books or something...

  6. Glad to hear it is not that bad over there, 'cause here in Mexico City there have been raining cats, and dogs, and frogs, and fish (metaphorically). Having to keep kids inside the building is not driving my neighbors crazy but me, since they're playing soccer in the hallways. Lucky you.

  7. Usual Stuff,
    You have my sympathies!