Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Brimstone Solar Radiation Band

Here's another great band from Norway, The Brimstone Solar Radiation Band. I don't know what they're putting in the water over there (and also in neighboring countries), but there's a lot of great music coming out of that part of the world these days. What's particularly impressive is how many of these bands seem to have internalized the sound and structure of classic British prog and American psychedelia to make something that sounds fresh. It doesn't sound affected at all (which is probably the biggest knock I have against, not all, but pretty much all J-Rock bands).

Anyway, BSRB wear their pop/psychedelic/prog influences on their sleeves. There's nothing remotely "hip" (do people still use that word?) or even "innovative" about their sound. While listening you'll hear snatches of everything from The Jefferson Airplane to Pink Floyd, without ever thinking you're listening to a ripoff band. It's all in the execution and the way they put it together. It's derivative, but original. And good. Highly recommended.

Brimstone Solar Radiation Band-Back in the Days II

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