Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Oita's "Monkey Mountain" (1)

Last week I spent a couple of days with my family in Oita Prefecture. While we were there we visited Mt.Takasaki National Park ("Monkey Mountain"). Mt. Takasaki is home to about 1,700 wild Japanese Macaques (apparently the Japanese Macaque is the most northerly-living non-human primate).

According to the park's website (linked above) Mt. Takasaki "is not a zoo." The monkeys "live and move about freely in natural groupings." (I didn't see anything to contradict this.) The monkeys live in three distinct groups (or colonies). "These groups take turns, following the same schedule every day, coming down to the base of the mountain to feed."

I was able to walk freely among the monkeys (keep your jokes to yourselves!) and take a crapload of pictures. Here are a few (with more to follow in the coming days):


  1. They kinda look Japanese, don't they? (just kiddin. what's that little one in the middle doin'?)

  2. Decker-san,
    Thanks for your visit and comment/question. I'm not really sure what was going on with the little one. I don't think he was doing what I think you think he was doing! Stay tuned, though... ;-) He seemed to be either cold or lonely (or both).

  3. Hmm, they bear a remarkable resemblance to one of my cousins...

  4. Glenn,
    Pretty cute, eh?

    Everyone has one in the family, right? ;-)