Friday, January 25, 2008


Ever the ground-breaking asshole, Fred "God hates fags" Phelps plans to picket the funeral of Heath Ledger for the "sin" of portraying a gay man in Brokeback Mountain. I'm struggling, trying to wrap my mind around this. Stupidity based on stupidity based on stupidity... Fuck off, assholes.

Ian Dury-Sex and Drugs and Rock'n'Roll


  1. We've learned to expect the Phelps clan everywhere. I mean, they picket the funerals of our servicemen and women, for crying out loud.

    And, over here, a Fox radio personality made jokes about Ledger's death only hours after he had been found.

    The US isn't all jerks (we just have a wingnut media that's in our faces 24/7), and most of us are sickened by the tasteless shenanigans of these crass, classless, loud-mouthed bullies ... I don't know, I lose some hope every now and then, but I regain it even more by surrounding myself by righteous people.

    Am I babbling?

  2. The man and all his ilk are complete arseholes - I can't believe this shit that has been spawned in the light of Heath's death. It's just sick.

    By the way, I'm figuring you and I must be of a similar vintage, old thing - love that Dury man, takes me back years! :-)

  3. Glenn,
    You babble? Heaven forbid... ;-)

    Well... I'm getting close to 50, but I would never ask a woman (except my wife, because sometimes I forget!) how old she is!